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Interior Render.jpg
02 55 Freq.png
SW ISO Existing Conditions
NE ISO Existing.jpg
55 Water Street Aerial Perspective Acous
Tube Diagram Final.jpg
Aerial Perspective Transit and Materiali
55 Water Street Proposed Final.jpg


[Above]  Existing Perspective Plan with isometric climatic diagram. The existing context involves an exposed face to the south-western bank of Manhattan and a series of access points from the ground plane and internal building connections.

Along the south-eastern bank of Manhattan Island, 55 Water Street houses what is known as the Elevated Acre. A seemingly private staircase leads up to a large river viewing park with foliage and a large green lawn. The space is used primarily as a location for lunch breaks with events such as movie night on the lawn a few times during the summer months. The design of the space implies a division between gathering space and moments of relaxation. A large concrete stair encloses the green space which can be rented for weddings, with an iconic glass structure beacon at the corner which illumantes the edge overlooking the Hudson River. The simple low railing allows the wind from the South-West to blow through, being captured by the large towers. The lack of any canopy makes the space uncomfortable and nearly unusable during showers or cold-fronts.

Bb Major Key Diagram.png

[Left]  Existing Isometric drawing with section through to primary entry on Water Street. The cascading stairs hidden beneath the suspended building above make the outdoor park feel isolated and protected from the busy street.

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