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I believe there is no greater value than the ability to perceive, recognize, and draw from multiple perspectives. We exist in a time when no view is simply the duplication of a previous, moments of silence exist far and few between, and forces aim to divide people under elementary pretense. My way of understanding the world exists in a continuous friction of questioning and empathizing with new information in hopes to understand it further.


I find the challenge of incorporating multiple perspectives into my work both a necessary and evolutionary process. Understanding where the opposite view originates from can invoke a deeper sense of questioning the world but provide moments of unity which is so deeply needed. Beyond seeing the other as logical perspective, I'm working to go beyond the dualism that is so often at the core of self and the other; instead appropriating parallax as a means to constantly shift perspectives as both we and the field around us are in inevitable motion.

My curiosity of space between these perspectives, paired with my deep passion for music and sound has led me to explore the interwoven compositional qualities of space and sound. Through architectural and urban design, soundscape and music production, and their intersections in various artistic mediums, I aim to develop a structured perspective of how the complexity and intrinsic intertwining of all things create the fabric of the world around us.


My approach to design combines a balance of form and function with a unique means of approaching the issue from numerous points of perspective. Focusing on how we interface with the world around us while combining a flourish of art and music, any design project will be exciting, unique, and capture an intrinsic beauty within itself.

Allow me to assist in bringing your ideas, whether a small painting, a musical project, a complex urban plan, or your dream home, to reality.

I am an Architectural and Urban Designer specializing in graphic representation and experiential design, a Musician and Producer, an Artist, Theorist and Philonoist.


Il received my Master's Degree in Architecture and a Master's Degree in Urban Design from Kent State University, Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning [DAAP].

During my undergraduate degree, I partook in the 014 Storefront Studio, a study abroad program led by Professor Hank Hildebrandt which took place in Paris, France | Istanbul, Selcuk, and Capadocia, Turkey | Basel and Zug, Switzerland, | Budapest, Hungary | Vienna, Austria | London, England | Edinburgh, Scotland | culminating in a unique studio exhibition back in Cincinnati of the student's work from the months abroad.

I then traveled to Harbin, China in 2017 to construct his team's 1st prize winning 'THRICE' project at the 'Extraordinary Ice' Structural Ice Competition. I was also fortunate enought to partner with students from the Harbin Institute of Technology for the city's Compressed Snow Carving Competition taking second place.

The following year took Me to Beirut, Lebanon for the inDex studio led by Dr. Taraneh Meshkani where Six students and I gained incomparable exposure to the depths and complexities of the Lebanese capital's socio-political economic system which then was developed into an urban design project displayed as the centerpiece at The Cleveland Foundation's Steven A. Minter Conference Center for four months following the exhibition's opening.




Architecture Play  - Ivan Bernal, Clemens Finkelstein, Anthony Morey

​​​Spaces of Conflict - Dr. Taraneh Meshkani

​​​014 Studio - Professor Hank Hildebrandt




Music has been ingrained in me since a very young age, being raised on everything from Rundgren and the Blue Oyster Cult to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer and Boston. As a trumpet player, I have played in such venues as Carnegie Hall (Orchestra), The Outback Bowl, and Disney World. Ultimately finding a deep passion for guitar, I have released music with the Cincinnati rock band Dynamite Thunderpunch, Cleveland rock band Zero-Sum, and under the stage name D[e|i]stressor. My interest in music and the sonic elements that surround us defined my Urban Design Thesis: Harmoniscapes.

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