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experience through the elements

The Vapor bathhouse guides the visitor through an experiential path utilizing the idea of submersion in nature while recognizing the contradiction of constructing space in the untouched environment as a means to interface with nature.

Bathhouse Plan.png

The plan juxtaposes the encompassing an organic form of water with a structured series of cascading platforms to conduct the participant from a humanly-constructed environment down into a series of bonded pools.

Initially lifting the visitor as a means to bring awareness to the removal of earth, the occupant is then slowly released back to the ground with the destination of the plunge pool where their journey is completed.


The sauna penetrates the organically shaped pools as a nod to the irony of inserting this developed space into the untouched natural environment.

Bathhouse Section Long terrain.jpg
Sauna Path Section.jpg
Deck Section.jpg
Promenade Section.jpg
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