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Water-based Acrylic Pour with hand-drawn ink detail work. Each piece is 100% Original and 100% Unique, no reproduction can nor will ever be the same.

Geometrics utilizes the simplicity of primitive shapes and explores ways they interact with ambient flow within the field.

Each 'Cognitive Ambience' piece begins with a moment in space, typically the perception of one or multiple souls and how in that moment those interact. The space surrounding those points begins to take form, developing into a series of coexisting structural objects. An intentional series of challenging perspectives invokes a level of uncertainty of what is depicted within the viewer.

Artist Statement:
Ambience defines the amorphous structure for which spatial and audible energy flow around us. This foundation serves as a background for how we perceive and interact with the world, objects, and each other. The duality of subject and field speak to the pairing of object and space, coinciding with foreground and background.

With a Master's degree in Architecture and a second Master's degree in Urban Design, the combination of object and human interaction with space blends with my research focus of the acoustic environment that we conjugate in. This exploration inspired me to develop and define a creative style and process that challenges the way object exists in the foreground and the typical disregard for what can be experienced with perception of the background. A mixture of blending and deforming an emotional thought provoking color palette speaks to the complexity of moments we exist through. The objects in the foreground defined by process linework create and define space.

My interest in these dualistic qualities refutes the idea that any single thing might exist on its own. Instead, regardless of setting or foci, acknowledgement of the fractalized nature of life, the continuous addition of branching pairs culminates in an incredibly complex and interwoven system. Combining this further with my obsession with the concept of parallax, invoking a challenge of perspective from any point.

Your order includes a thank you note from the artist and a short description of artistic intention printed on a high-quality durable cardstock.

Geometrics 01 | Ambience 003

SKU: G01A003
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